A regulatory dialogue visit of Indonesian officials on plant products in Slovakia and Belgium, 11 – 15 July 2022

This regulatory visit aimed at strengthening the cooperation on agricultural subjects with Indonesia. This activity has enhanced the mutual understanding of the EU sanitary rules and control systems in place. Also, the visit aimed at improving conditions for the EU fruit and vegetable and cereals industry to access the Indonesian market.

In the period of 11th July – 15th July 2022, a team of officials from Indonesia (mainly from the Indonesian Agricultural Quarantine Agency (IAQA)) along with experts from some other departments, visited various establishments in the EU and discussed with their counterparts, EU MS and Reference Laboratories. Also, meetings with the officials from DG AGRI, DG SANTE and DG TRADE were organised in Brussels.

Multiple results were achieved through this visit. First, the delegates significantly improved their understanding of the EU fruits and vegetables sector, both for the private sector (production and selling process) as well as the regulatory aspects (mostly on the relevant EU Plant Health legislations). Since various private sector establishments were visited, the delegates gained a better understanding on practical aspects of the various fruits and vegetables produced in Europe. The participants were particularly interested in becoming more familiar with EU’s import regime for fruits and vegetables (e.g. what requirements they would have to fulfil, how the EU plant passport works, etc). Also, the delegates were impressed by the level of technology used on the establishment visits. Moreover, due to the visits to DG SANTE and DG TRADE, the delegates were able to get a better understanding on the relevant EU legislations related to plant health/food safety and agricultural imports and exports.

A regulatory dialogue visit of Indonesia on animal health in Belgium, Denmark, Italy and Poland, 27 March – 6 April 2023

A regulatory visit of Indonesian officials to Belgium, Denmark, Italy and Poland, was organised in the period of 27th March to 6th April 2023. A team of six officials from Indonesia, mainly from Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health, along with experts from other departments, visited four member states during a tour of two weeks to assess the robustness of EU animal health measures. Meetings were held with DG TRADE and DG SANTE, as well as several associations of EU exporters. Six establishments were visited and the delegates also had several interactions with MS competent authorities and associations of producers.

The visit demonstrated in addition how EU veterinary policies are based on constant scientific advice, how they’re meticulously implemented by EU MS and which mechanisms exist to guarantee and check that they’re in enforcement in all Member States.